Songsolatido, a playful way to first sight singing

A playful way to first sight singing

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With Songsolatido you will soon be singing music scores at first sight.

You sing the notes on your iPhone or iPad and Songsolatido shows you if they were right.
Everybody who has singing lessons or sings in a choir learns in a playful way to sing at first sight.

Songsolatido is tremendous ear training.’

You will learn to sing melodies at ten levels.

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The name Songsolatido is a contraction of Song and the last names of the notes do re mi fa so la ti do.

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Hoe werkt Songsolatido eigenlijk?

How does Songsolatido work

Set up Songsolatido

‘Get your own clef’
Soprano en alto: Tenor: Bass:
Tap the clef to choose the one that is appropriate for your voice.

New task

New task ‘new notes’

Change key

one more sharp or one minor less ‘one more sharp or one flat less’

Een mol meer of een kruis minder ‘one more minor or one sharp less’


one level down …up ‘one level down …up’

Songsolatido generates exercises at ten different levels, from beginner to professional. Tap the button to change the level.


Tap this button to see the explanation again.

Sing or play the melody

A pointer on the ‘pitch line’ shows if your sound was below, above or on pitch.

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Hoe kun je Songsolatido gebruiken?

How do you practise with Songsolatido?

‘tap the notes you’d like to hear’
Songsolatido gives the tone of the note you tap on.

‘swipe the notes you want to hear’
Songsolatido let you hear the tones of the (part of) the staff you’ve swiped.

Take the last note you’ve heard. Then sing the next notes.

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