Singsolatido — to practise first-sight singing intervals

Singsolatido a playful way of singing intervals

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With Singsolatido, practising first-sight singing Singsolatido becomes fun!

For everybody who sings in a choir or who has singing lessons. You’ll learn ‘a prima vista’ singing at ease by practising intervals.

Singsolatido beginscherm Singsolatido uitlegscherm

The name Singsolatido is a contraction of Sing and the last names of the notes do re mi fa so la ti do.

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Hoe werkt Singsolatido eigenlijk?

How Singsolatido works

Choose your own clef

In Absolatido you can change the clef into the one you sing in. Tap the clef.

‘Get your own clef’
Tap the clef.
Soprano en alto: Tenor: Bass:

New task

Nieuwe opdracht ‘new task’
Tap N (new). You will see and hear the first note.
After a short while the note you have to sing appears in grey.
Then the app starts recording your voice.

While you are singing the app keeps listening.
A blue note shows what you are singing.
The second note becomes black when you hit it right.
A pointer indicates if it was in pitch.

Repeat the first tone ‘try again’
Tap the left speaker to hear the first note and try again.

Hear the second tone ‘hear the second note’
Tap the right speaker to hear the second note.

Level down ‘one level down’

Level up ‘one level up’
Singsolatido generates exercises at ten different levels, from beginner to professional.


Show the explanation again ‘?’
The button to see the explanation again.

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Hoe kun je Singsolatido gebruiken?

Singsolatido generates exercises at ten levels.

At level 1 you practise singing the intervals: secundes and thirds.
For example C - D , G - B , F - E , D - B
Level 1 uses the C and G major keys.

Level 2 C, G, and F keys.

From level 5 on exercises are presented in C, G, D, A and F, Bb and Eb keys.
Level 5: you sing all intervals of the major scale.

Level 6: two chromatic steps are added.
For example D - F , F# - B , C# - C , Bb - F , G - B


Because you can listen to the solution you can practise ‘silently’ — when you are among other people when waiting somewhere — just use your headphones and imagine what it should sound like. Than compare it to the solution by tapping the answer button…

FAQ: ‘The app does not work’

On the internet they say Singsolatido is not installed well on some Android phones.
1) The solution can be to uninstall Singsilatido and then intall it, for the second time, again.
2) You can also fully close your phone.
When you open the system again the app will work.

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