Falling Keys, spelenderwijs de namen van pianotoetsen leren

What are the names of the keys of the piano

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Play ‘tetris’ with the keys of your piano

An exciting game

Play with the keys of a piano and learn their names.

A key is falling on an (almost) empty keyboard.
You will see the name of the key.
Let the key fall in the right place.

Be quick, there’s not much time

You will hear the piano sound when the note falls in the right place.
The key explodes when you put it on a wrong place.

Falling Keys play window Falling Keys explanation window

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Hoe werkt Falling Keys eigenlijk?

Hoe werkt Falling Keys?

Falling Keys instellen

New keys

Nieuwe opdracht ‘new keys’

Tap (N) to get new keys.

Different languages

Kies je taal ‘falling key in C D E or Do Re Mi’

You can change the language of the names from
C   D   E   F   G   A   B   C   into   Do   Re   Mi   Fa   So   La   Ti   Do
or   C   D   E   F   G   A   H   C.

Be Quick because the keys fall rapidly

buttons to handle the key ‘move the key to the left | let it fall | move the key to the right’

You can send it in the right direction with two buttons. One to the left, one to the right.
Tap the button in the middle to to drop the key fast.


‘hits / amount of tasks’
The app counts the keys you placed right.
Number of well fallen keys / number of keys to fall.


The button to see the explanation.

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Hoe kun je Falling Keys gebruiken?

10 sets of falling keys

You can play Falling Keys in 10 levels

You can choose 10 levels.
At level 1 C, D and E are missing.
At level 2 F, G, A and B.

From level 4 black keys are falling.
At level 4 C# en D#, a level higher F#, G# and A# etc.

At level 10 C#, Db, D#, Eb etc…

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Falling Keys kopen

Download Falling Keys

Android app on Google Play

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