Absolatido, je externe oor met absoluut gehoor

Absolatido, your external ear with perfect pitch

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You have not got an absolute pitch? Who’s got that? You can see with the app Absolatido on your smartphone if you sing or play a note right.

Musicians who don’t read scores yet, can immediately see with Absolatido if they are playing the note at the right height. The app records your voice or sound and shows the notes you are singing or playing.

Absolatido is an app for both Android and iPhone.

absolatido beginscherm absolatido uitlegscherm

The name Absolatido a contraction of Absolute (perfect) pitch and the last names of the notes do re mi fa so la ti do.

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Hoe werkt Absolatido eigenlijk?

How does Absolatido work

Choose your own clef

In Absolatido you can change the clef into the one you sing in. Tap the clef.

‘Get your own clef’
Tap the clef.
Soprano en alto: Tenor: Bass:

Choose the key of your score

The key in which your music part is written you can change by putting sharps and flats on the staff.
‘one more sharp or one flat less’
Tap the sharp, a sharp will add, or a minor goes away.

‘one more flat or one sharp less’
Tap the minor, a minor will add, or a sharp leaves.

Sing/Play a tone

Absolatido shows the note you are producing.

Listen to the the note on the staff

‘hear the note’
Tap the speaker to hear the note you have sung.

‘hear the note half a step higher’

‘hear the note half a step higher’

A pointer shows if your sound is on pitch

Choose the names of the notes you use

‘C D E or do re mi’
You can choose the names of the notes that are accustomed in your country.
French: Sol, La, Si, Do…, dutch: G, A, B, C… or german: G, A, H, C…


Tap the button to see the explanation again.

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Hoe kun je Absolatido gebruiken?

How to use Absolatido

Use Absolatido when warming up your voice

Sing a scale — a part of it — or a triad.
Look on Absolatido if your first note is on pitch and… if the last note is also right. Steps going up often are a bit to small, notes going down to big. Check with Absolatido.

Find the first note…

When you are somewhere and have no instrument available you can find the first note of a musicpeace you want to study with Absolatido… Sing the note wich you think is the first note. With the buttons lower (-) or higher (+) you can find the right one.

…check the last

When you’ve got the first note, sing the music score without looking at Absolatido. Hold on the last note of the melody and check if you stayed in tune. Isn’t that the case? Hold on a note somewhere half way. Check Absolatido if this one is all right. And so on.
Not everyone has got an instrument at home — a piano, guitar or flute. For these people Absolatido is a great support at studying music. It registrates the notes, produces the sound and shows the score.

Absolatido is for melodies as a metronome for rhythms, a tool to study music right.

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